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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drama, Dancing, Dates and Decorating

We've had a lot going on around here! Scarlett was Mary in her Mother's Day Out Program "Jesus and the Friendly Beasts". It was darling and she did a great job. Beck was Joseph and it was so fun to watch them together. I will be sad next year when they are at different schools :(Next, Scarlett had her first dance performance. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like the bunny hop. ha! Here she is with her friends Bella and Karleigh. They were the back row dancers and did us all proud!
This video is mainly for family but it took a sweet FOREVER to download it and blogger never worked so eventually I had to figure out youtube. I feel bad for the poor little one on the front row. She was NOT in a performing mood and did this the whole time, bless her heart~

This picture kind of makes us look purple, but it was taken with someone else's camera and emailed to me, so maybe that's what did it. Anyway, I do a little data entry side job from home and every year they invite me to their Christmas Party. I have to say that I never go because since I work at home I feel like an outsider. However, this year Brody MADE me go and it was a lot of fun. Plus, it's nice having a date every now and then :)
And finally...Clark was being really quiet one day while I was getting ready and you know that means he's up to something. It took me a while, but I finally discovered what he had done:
Looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't he?!

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Jaime said...

What a DARLING dancing bunny you have. I think she might have more dancing in her future!! She really looks like a natural and we know she loves performing. Clark looks so cute with his rubber band creation, however I don't know that decorating will be in his future and I am sure Brody will be glad about that.