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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Peasy Projects

OK, I'm almost embarrassed to show these projects, but sometimes it just takes looking at what other people are doing to come up with something creative yourself. are two easy and CHEAP projects for Scarlett's room.
Last year, we went to Fredericksburg for our church Ladies Retreat. While shopping around we found a cute store with some fabric and other neat treasures. On one wall they had tons of embroidery hoops with fabric inside. Mom said that she had lots of hoops and they weren't being used so I snagged a few. Last week I made a trip to a local fabric shop and chose some for the hoops. I used to think if it didn't match it didn't "go" but now I'm a fan of everything just the more fabrics in a room the better!
I actually have one more hoop, but only found 3 fabrics this trip so i may add another one later.
I was going to put the hoops along this wall (the one below this very long winded paragraph), but then decided they would look better along the wall with the bed-which left me with this blank space that I had intended to fill with my other project. (does that ever happen to you? you start one thing and then it leads to something else?!) Anyway, I had this leftover canvas. They came two to a pack and I got them at HobLob when they were 50% off. Scarlett loves to create, so I just let her at it. I helped her choose a background color and showed her how to get started painting it. Once that layer was done I gave her three choices of things I think she can draw pretty well that I knew would take up lots of space: a heart, a butterfly, or a flower. Then I showed her how to make dots with the back of the paintbrush. She did this whole thing herself. The heart is a bit off center, I would have spaced the dots differently, and it's certainly not perfect. But I love it!! Best of all...she had a blast painting. I can picture it with baby handprints, or a train for a boy, or an "S" for Superman...the possibilities really are endless!


Jaime said...

Very cute! And Scarlett is quite the artist. What a treasure that canvas will be.

The Fletchers said...

So cute!!! I love that hoop and fabric idea!! :)

Marta said...

too cute! wanna come decorate my house? :)

myra said...

Scarlett did such a good job! I love the hoop and fabric idea, too!

houston and kara said...

very cute idea and i looove her room! :)

& as far as blog decorating... i'm still perfecting the craft. it takes me forever to do with scrapblog! but yours is cute anyway so i dont know what you're talking about ;)