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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Teams

Once upon a time, there was a little girl born into a family with orange blood. As she grew, she discovered the love that is Longhorn football. She had her own cheerleading uniform made by her mommy, orange shag carpeting in her playroom, and was taught the Hook 'Em sign by a real Longhorn cheerleader. She watched Texas on TV every Saturday during football season, and was even able to go to some of the games in Austin. It was love at first down.

Fast forward to a day when this young girl becomes a lady and goes off to Lubbock Christian University. She attends a few Texas Tech games but doesn't understand the fans and their love of throwing tortillas.

A few years after college, the lady meets a handsome young fella. Despite the fact that he was a Red Raider and tossed the tortillas, she loves him anyway.

The day comes when they have children of their own. Deep in her heart, the lady Longhorn cannot bear to clothe her children in red and black. But her love for her sweetheart is deeper than even the love of her team. Alas, she is in a divided house.

Proof that mixed marriages do work. We're just so thankful he wasn't an aggie.


Perks said...


Cute kids, questionable clothing.


Mary said...

i don't know...i hear those ags have a lot of class and style!

Chera said...

GIG'EM AGGIES!!!!! You know you love me!! :o)

Jcbaron99 said...

Your too funny. Cute shirts ;-)

Jaime said...

I knew your Aggie comment would get a few comments back. {wink}...the clothes came out cute. Can't wait to see them in them. At least now you have one kid to represent each team!

Maegan said...

I used to be an Aggie fan. I think we fought more about that than anything else. Now you know I love me some Longhorns!! Hook 'Em Horns!

Kayren said...

cough cough- amen- I mean : ) You know you could compromise and pick a team outside Texas like - oh I don't know- ummmm- ooh The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame!!! Yeah that's it- Great school spirit, great fight song, great school colors and they have Touchdown Jesus : ) Kidding of course. That was a cute post and I love the clothes- I really love the football on the backside of the sweats!