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Thursday, December 11, 2008


8 Shows I watch:
1. Young and the Restless
2. House
3. Criminal Minds
4. Private Practice
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. ER (notice a hospital theme?!)
7. Ghost Whisperer
8. Numbers

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Longhorn
2. La Fonda on Main
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. Guenther House
5. Starbucks
6. Formosa Gardens
7. Texas Land and Cattle
8. Paesanos

8 Things I did today:
1. got Scarlett ready for school
2. went to see her Christmas Program
3. came home and downloaded the dramamine worthy video
4. checked facebook
5. read blogs
6. made pancakes for dinner
7. fixed a quick appetizer
8. went to the ladies craft exchange at church
8 Things I look forward to:
1. Heaven
2. Christmas
3. a vacation
4. dates with Brody
5. spending time with my girlfriends on Saturday
6. coffee every morning
7. seeing what Christmas cards come in the mail every day
8. nap time when I can eat my lunch and watch Young and the Restless :)

8. Things I wish for:
1. my family to be healthy
2. that my kids will grow up loving God and using their talents to serve Him.
3. to some day move closer "in town"
4. to be pleasing to God in my actions as a wife, mother, friend...
5. that someone will eat the brownies on the counter so I will no longer be tempted
6. Scarlett and Clark to feel as close to me and Brody as I do to my parents
7. a weekend away with my girlfriends
8. a new Gucci

I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet!!

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