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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

Last week was pretty busy! It started Thursday with Scarlett's last day of Mother's Day Out. She had such a great year and I saw her learn and grow so much! I am very thankful for her sweet teachers and was thrilled when I heard Miss Vicky is going to be one of her teachers next year too!
with Miss Vicky
and Miss Nancy
I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of Thursday night, but Brody and I went to an End of the Year party for the ladies clinic that he teaches. The house was amazing and the food was delicious!!
Saturday was our turn to go to Rock Box. We were the last of my family to go, and Scarlett had a blast!! She danced to the music and loved clapping along with the songs. She told me she was having a "super fun time!" Brody and I also enjoyed the show and liked getting some time with Scarlett alone...she really seems to be getting so big.

These next two pictures aren't very good, but it's a great representation of the how the moment felt to me...blurry and wild. Sunday was the baby dedication at church. I love this time of year when it's other people's kids, but Clark was beyond tired and spit his passy clear to the first pew twice. I am sure there was a nice prayer on our behalf, but I must admit I didn't hear it. I am just thankful we are being prayed for!

Probably the most exciting part of the weekend was the surprise party we threw for my parents on Sunday night. It was their 40th wedding anniversary and we did not think we had pulled it off, but they were truly surprised! 
Sweet Jaime went above and beyond to not only host the party but she made all the delicious lasagnas. 
Whew...I got tired just reviewing it all. But what great memories!!


Jaime said...

Wow! When you put it like that, you guys were busy! I am so glad that Scarlett loved the RockBox. I think that girl may have some performing ahead of her. Watch out Hollywood! Thanks for all you did for the party as well. It was so worth it for our great parents.

Happy Mama said...

OK- I have never heard of RockBox- I am about to google it. Sounds like fun though! Love the pictures and your hair is so cute! You look great with any length. Don't you love it when your kids wait until a "stage moment" to be a toot. Hadlea seems to love to turn it on when there is an audience. Makes me feel like mom of the year! :)

myra said...

Fun times! I'm sure your parents were thrilled with the surprise. You and Jaime are so thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

I thought we had a great turn out for the recognition, and everyone has oooh'd and aaah'd to me about how adorable our little ones are -- including yours! Speaking of, how is sweet Clark's tooth coming in?

Sharon said...

I'm w/ Mel - never heard of RockBox, but it sounds like fun! Maybe you can explain it to us newbie mommas? I love baby dedications! Bella had hers at 2 months, only because we wanted to make sure her gown (that Brady's mom made) would still fit!

mimi47 said...

Such a fun weekend! Dad and I were so honored and felt so loved by the special surprise party! Not sure what we've done to deserve such sweet and thoughtful kids but we thank God every day for each of you! Love you all dearly!!