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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Short and sweet

There's nothing really new going on around here. Last week was a pretty wild one, so I'm hoping this Spring Break is uneventful. Here's a little of what we've been up to:

Clark is seven months old!! He loves getting into EVERYTHING, taking baths, and practicing his new skill, pulling up. We are going to have our hands full with this busy boy, but he is quite the cutie and charmer. One smile from him and I just melt :)
Scarlett is such a little pill. Here she is playing "Marie" from the Aristocats. You can see she dresses the part with a "collar" on (it's a hairbow attached to a ribbon that is tied around her neck) I had to really convince her not to wear it to Mother's Day Out! And...don't forget the milk in her bowl...she was really into her character that day.
Here is one of the few pictures of Brody and me without the kids! Last week was my birthday, so we had a fun night out at LaFonda on Main. I meant to bring my camera to take a picture there, but I was in such a hurry to get out the door I forgot it.
Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Spring Break!


Jcbaron99 said...

So cute they are! I love the age that Clark is at. Such fun. And Scarlett would love to play with Summer and do Dress Up! We've been watching a bit of Aristocats too.
I LOVE your new haircut - and you look great - so thin!! Happy Belated birthday!!

katie said...

Cute pictures! I love your new haircut! It looks great on you.

realitymomma said...

scarlett is funny! i think that is great how she plays characters like that. i see a bright future for her.

you look great! great haircut and yeah, where's that family that you thought lived under your chin???!!!! what is your secret?

Jaime said...

Darling kids. Glad you and Brody got enjoy a nice birthday dinner out--even if a little belated.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

How nice you and Brody got a night out for some fun. Hope you didn't talk about the kids all night! :o)

Great pictures.


Marta said...

LOVE your hair! Glad you got a night out for your birthday... there's nothing better!

dawn said...

every time i visit your blog, i can't get over how much clark resembles scarlett at that age.

his litle jeans, his little legs...precious galore.
and you tell that scarlett that she should come over and teach my cats some aristocat couth.

xoxoxo and happy Easter with your lil' bunnies.

dawn said...

oh, and happy birthday!!!

Happy Mama said...

Adorable pictures! Your little actress is a cutie and I think little boys at that age are the best thing around! I love your hair too- and you look great! Skinny minnie- you are making us all sick!

The West's said...

I love Scarlett's imagination! Has she tried to dress Clark up yet?

Happy belated birthday!