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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tennis anyone?

Brody has been very busy this month at work. This past weekend he worked a tournament. The weather was SO beautiful here that we decided to go watch some tennis. Clark was a champ and was happy to smile at anyone that looked his way. It was the first time Scarlett actually watched a match and there was a little to learn. She sat on the grass right in front of the court to get a good view. Our conversation went something like this:
Scarlett: (with head going from left to right) full voice: Oh, that man missed. But he will try again
Me: in a tiny whisper: yes, he missed, but we have to be very quiet when we watch tennis
Scarlett: loud voice again: He is yellin'. It's not nice to yell.
Me: in a quiet voice again: no, it's not nice to lose your temper, but you HAVE to whisper

Eventually she got the hang of it and really loved watching. The next day, we decided to go out again. Sadly, we missed the finals because Clark needed a nap, but we did have time for Scarlett to play a little with Daddy. She MAYBE hit three balls the entire time, but she still had a blast.

showing off her racket
picking up balls...I think this was her favorite part
kinda looks like she wore Brody out sweet Clark taking in the view


The West's said...

looks like fun! I remember running around the courts as a child when my parents played.

Jaime said...

Brody's face is classic. Love her little tennis cute. Can't wait for Uncle Brod to teach my boy's to play.

realitymomma said...

waht fun! never thought the girl who actually had a picture of a deer she shot would be a tennis girl.....

Happy Mama said...

How fun to have a tennis pro in the fam! Love the little tennis outfit too- she is so adorable~ I love to play and watch tennis too- it is my sport of choice. Nathan and I pretend we are good, but we really stink and have a lot of fun trying not to.

suzanne said...

There is nothing more precious than seeing a dad with his little girl. Those are really cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun!