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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Early Celebration

Scarlett will be three on August 3rd. However, that is also around the time I will be having the baby, so I decided to relive some of my stress, and give her a small party early. For her first birthday we just had family. Last year we had several friends over. Both times I did more than I had intended to and ended up stressing myself out about little details. This year, I limited it to her cousin and two other girls from her bible school class, and we decided to take them to the McKenna Museum in New Braunfels. Besides my usual tradition of making the cards, I did not do a thing...and it was great! I think the kids had a great time and I was thankful that we had decided to do something inside because the weather was pretty yucky. Here are some shots of our day:
the invitation - they were pink but they look orange here

Scarlett playing doctor with the newborn

Scarlett and Lindy in the getaway car...I mean ambulance

Scarlett withdrawing money from the bank

Scarlett, Lindy and Karleigh in the kitchen

playing in the water center outside

checking out Nemo with Daddy, Beck, Aunt Jaime, and Mimi

all pooped out after a long and fun morning
We are so lucky to have such great friends that can share special occasions with us. And of course, we are beyond blessed to have our family here to help out and celebrate our exciting milestones! We love you all~


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

We had fun helping Miss Scarlett celebrate her special day. I am glad Lindy has such a sweet friend to grow up with (and hopefully not be a bad influence on). :o)

Thanks for letting us be a part of such a fun day!

L & L

Jcbaron99 said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett!! Looks like everyone had a great time. We loved that museum. We missed everyone today as we went to a new church visit.

Jaime said...

We had a great time. I cannot believe she is already (almost) 3! Sorry for Beck's pushing incident, Lisa. I am just praying that Sylvia is right and this phase will pass. I don't know what to do with him sometimes!

Amanda said...

How fun!! And what a low stress idea! The pics are cute.

suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!!! I'm sure you're ready to have the new baby; that's so exciting. Keep me posted!

realitymomma said...

what cute invitations. and even if they look orange, the orange is pretty cute, too. it is so hard not to go all out and do everything to the extreme. syd wanted a party at chhuck-e-cheeses one year. it was hard to just show up with the cake. but it was nice to just show up with the cake!
we will be thinking of you and your family next week. can't wait to see pics of the new little one. keep us informed on the big day!

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!!!!!